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ReeLives Infortainment was founded by Greta Goss, whose engagement with cinema began early and flourished when she studied film while earning her BA in English at Concordia University in Montreal. Later, while attaining her MAT in learning disabilities and English at Montclair State University, Greta was fueled by the idea of using feature films -- a multi-sensory experience with the ability to convey not just the passage of time, but different societal, cultural, and environmental perspectives -- to advocate human rights by promoting more awareness and understanding of human challenges.

To accomplish this, she spent years viewing countless films, then categorized each movie by finding the disabilities, disorders, syndromes, and other human challenges within them.

During her research, Greta found others had curated movie lists online, but their lists were limited to specific audiences. She also found aggregated film lists online, but as such they were unreliable.

Four years later ReeLives Infortainment launched as a confluence of Greta's interests in film, human conditions, and subliminal education.

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RLI Mission

The principal, creative director, curator, and editor of ReeLives Infortainment makes Greta's mission -- as a human rights storyteller, advocate and advisor -- to identify disabilities, disorders, syndromes and other human challenges in feature films from 1890 to new releases, in order to link and promote them as an archival resource to raise global awareness, combat stereotypes and presumptions, and demystify definitions about people with disabilities and other challenges as stated in Article 8 of the Convention On the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.