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About ReeLives

Always passionate about films, I studied them while earning a B.A. in English at Concordia University, Montreal. Years later, while completing graduate work in disabilities and English at Montclair State University, I was fueled by the idea that watching movies -- a multi-sensory experience with the ability to convey not just the passage of time, but different societal, cultural, and environmental perspectives -- was a subliminal way to increase the understanding of disabilities, disorders, diseases, and other human challenges.

So I looked back at decades of films I’d viewed to identify those with challenges. I compared them to the aggregated, unreliable films identified by other sites. Then, after finding no comprehensive site with an ongoing, curated timeline of films from 1890 to current releases that categorized films my way, I launched

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Including Human Challenges in Film and Television Screenplays
History of Human Challenges in Film
Using Feature Films as Subliminal Education