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Life Is Sweet (1990)
R Comedy Drama
Bulimia Nervosa

North of London live Wendy, Andy, and their twenty-something twins, Natalie and Nicola. Wendy clerks in a shop and teaches aerobics at a primary schoo...

Director : Mike Leigh
Cast : Alison Steadman, Jim Broadbent, Claire Skinner, Jane Horrocks

Ball of Fire (1941)
N/A Comedy Crime Romance Suspense
Language Acquisition

An assorted group of intellectual bachelors work and live together creating an encyclopedia of all human knowledge backed by the young, wealthy, bore ...

Director : Howard Hawks
Cast : Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Dana Andrews, Oskar Homolka, Henry Travers,

The Fisher King (1991)
R Action Drama Dark Comedy
Alcoholism Dissociative Identity Disorder Enabling Depression, Situational Delusional Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Caregiving

After Jack, a DJ, makes an opinionated rant on air, he inadvertently provokes a caller to murder innocent people in a Manhattan bar. Afterwards, he be...

Director : Terry Gilliam
Cast : Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Mercedes Ruhl, Adam Bryant, Paul Lombardi, David Hyde Pierce

Something About Amelia (1984)
Divorce Incest Denial Abuse, Sex Abuse,Child Sexual Dissatisfaction

Guilt, shame, and fear have kept Amelia Bennett silent about the sexual abuse she's experienced from her father, Steven. When Amelia fears he might ap...

Director : Randa Haines
Cast : Ted Danson, Glenn Close, Olivia Cole, Roxana Zal