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Movies With Cerebral Palsy

Rory O'Shea Was Here (2004)
R Comedy Drama
Mobility Cerebral Palsy Assisted Living/Managed Care Facility Caregiving

In Dublin, Rory O'Shea is a rebel. While living at Carrigmore Residential Home for the Disabled, he affects the lives of all the residents and is the ...

Director : Damien O'Donnell
Cast : Steven Robertson, Alan King, Brenda Fricker, Ruth McCabe

Music Within (2007)
R Comedy Drama Biography Based on True Events
Cerebral Palsy Alcoholism Lipreading/Speechreading Hearing Loss Deafness

After a confrontation with one of his idols dashes his dreams of studying public speaking in college, Richard joins the Army and is drafted to Vietnam...

Director : Steven Sawalich
Cast : Clint Jung, Melissa George, Marion Ross, Rebecca De Mornay

My Left Foot (1989)
R Drama Biography
Mobility Cerebral Palsy Alcoholism Caregiving Enabling

In 1932, poverty stricken Dublin, Ireland no one expects much from Christy Brown. As one of the thirteen surviving children his mother delivered, ther...

Director : Jim Sheridan
Cast : Daniel Day-Lewis, Brenda Fricker, Alison Whelan, Hugh O'Connor, Kirsten Sheridan

Door to Door (2002)
Drama Biography Based on True Events Dark Comedy Inspirational
Cerebral Palsy

Due to an injury at birth, Bill Porter was born with cerebral palsy. By the late 1950's, after being raised by a positive, determined and supportive m...

Director : Steven Schachter
Cast : William H. Macy, Helen Mirren, Kyra Sedgwick, Kathy Baker, Joel Brooks

Labor Day (2013)
PG-13 Drama Romance Coming of Age Based On Novel
Death of Spouse Stillbirth Postpartum Depression Agoraphobia Chronic Depression Miscarriage Mobility Cerebral Palsy Self-Esteem Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Nervous Breakdown/Collapse Divorce Blended Families Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Death of Child Abuse,Child

In the rural town of Holten Mills, New Hampshire in 1987 at the start of the long Labor Day weekend, a severely depressed mother, Adele, with a thirte...

Director : Jason Reitman
Cast : Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, Gattlin Griffith, Tobey Maguire, Brooke Smith

How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog (2000)
R Comedy Drama
Impotency Cerebral Palsy Fertility Delusional Writer's Block Alzheimer’s Disease Insomnia

Peter is a once successful playwright with a decade long dry spell. His wife Melanie wants a baby, but Peter isn't ready. His mother-in-law has moved ...

Director : Michael Kalesniko
Cast : Kenneth Branagh, Robin Wright, Suzi Hofrichter, Lynn Redgrave, Jared Harris, Peri Gilpin, Peter Riegert