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Movies With Cholera

The Painted Veil (2006)
PG-13 Drama Romance Distant Location Coming of Age Historical Fiction
Substance Abuse Alcohol Abuse Adultery Cholera Unexpected Pregnancy Sexual Dissatisfaction Virginity, Male Narcissistic Personality Disorder Denial

In 1920's London, Kitty, a flirtatious single socialite meets shy, intelligent Walter Fane. Though he's infatuated with her, she only marries him to e...

Director : John Curran
Cast : Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, Toby Jones, Liev Schreiber, Anthony Wong

The Loser Takes All (2002)
Action Adventure Drama Fantasy
Alcoholism Cholera

The story revolves around five characters. The "Man," who remembers the "years of cholera;" Odetti, an alcoholic who goes by the pseudonym of "Madame ...

Director : Nikos Nikolaidis
Cast : Giannis Angelakas, Jenny Kitseli, Ifigenia Asteriadi, Simeon Nikolaidis