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Movies With Marital Separation

The Namesake (2006)
PG-13 Drama Romance Distant Location Coming of Age
Death of Spouse Marital Separation Broken Bones Virginity, Female Arranged Marriage Death of Parent Chronic Heart Condition Virginity, Male Heart Failure

While reading a book by Nicholai Gogol as he travels by train to visit his grandfather in Calcutta, Bengali-speaking Ashoke converses with fellow-trav...

Director : Mira Nair
Cast : Kal Penn, Tabu, Irrfan Khan, Jacinda Barrett

You're Not You (2014)
R Drama
Mobility Marital Separation ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Kate was a classical pianist who now has ALS. Bec is an irresponsible college student. Yet, when Bec takes a job assisting Kate, just as her marriage ...

Director : George C. Wolfe
Cast : Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum, Josh Duhamel, Stephanie Beatriz

A Time to Kill (1996)
R Crime Drama Romance Thriller Courtroom Drama
Alcoholism Rape Marital Separation Dissociative Identity Disorder Abuse,Child

In Canton, Mississippi, ten-year-old Tonya Hailey is viciously raped by two white racists. Almost immediately after Tonya is found alive, the two abus...

Director : Joel Schumacher
Cast : Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Ashley Judd, Kevin Spacey, Oliver Platt, Donald Sutherland

The Right Stuff (1983)
PG Action Adventure Drama Epic History
Marital Separation Stuttering/Stammering Grandiose Behavior Disorder Depression, Situational Panic Attacks

The story of the U.S. Space program begins in the 1950's in a Nevada desert where pilots live under isolated, limited circumstances testing new aircra...

Director : Philip Kaufman
Cast : Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn, Ed Harris, Fred Ward, Levon Hlem, Mary Jo Deschanel, Jeff Goldblum, Scott Wilson, Kathy Baker, Dennis Quaid, Barbara Hershey, Veronica Cartwright, Kim Stanley

A Dog Year (2009)
Comedy Drama Dark Comedy Inspirational
Panic Attacks Depression, Clinical Writer's Block Marital Separation

Jon Katz is a writer with writer's block. His emotional distance has caused his wife to depart and he can barely answer the phone. When a kennel sends...

Director : George LaVoo
Cast : Jeff Bridges, Lauren Ambrose, Lois Smith, Domhnall Gleeson

The Chapman Report (1962)
Drama Romance
Death of Spouse Virginity, Female Frigidity Enabling Panic Attacks Sexual Dissatisfaction Sexual Confusion Abuse, Sex Alcoholism Marital Separation Anxiety Sexual Therapy Promiscuity Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Addiction, Sex Denial

Based on the best-selling book that was inspired by the Kinsey Report on the sexual mores of women, the film details the sexual lives of four women wi...

Director : George Cukor
Cast : Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Jane Fonda, Claire Bloom, Shelley Winters

Infinitely Polar Bear (2014)
R Comedy Drama Based on True Events
Alcoholism Marital Separation Bipolar Disorder

In 1978 Cambridge, Mass. an unemployed, alcoholic and bipolar father becomes a stay-at-home father, caring for his two young daughters while his wife ...

Director : Maya Forbes
Cast : Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, Dullea, Wallace Wolodarsky

Newlyweds (2011)
NOT RATED Comedy Drama
Alcoholism Marital Separation Divorce Blended Families Adultery Promiscuity Enabling

Katie and Buzzy are newlyweds who live in Manhattan. Since both of them are on their second marriage, they are determined this marriage will be differ...

Director : Edward Burns
Cast : Edward Burns, Caitlin FitzGerald, Kerry Bishe, Marsha Dietlein Bennet, Max Baker

Mr. Turner (2014)
R Drama History Biography
Depression, Clinical Enabling Disfigurement Chronic Heart Condition Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder Caregiving Abuse, Sex Marital Separation Adultery Insanity Death of Parent

From approximately 1825 to 1850, the last twenty-five years in the turbulent life of J.M.W. Turner, England's finest painter. A punishing, tormented m...

Director : Mike Leigh
Cast : Timothy Spall, Dorothy Atkinson, Marion Bailey, Paul Jesson, Lesley Manville, Martin Savage

Ginger & Rosa (2012)
PG-13 Drama Based on True Events Coming of Age
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Marital Separation Divorce Adultery Promiscuity Unexpected Pregnancy Depression, Situational Suicide Sexuality Single Parenting

In 1962, when the East End of London was still mired in post WWII poverty and light years away from the "Swinging Sixties," two teenage girls born on ...

Director : Sally Potter
Cast : Elle Fanning, Allessandro Nivola, Christina Hendricks, Alice Englert, Oliver Platt, Jodhi May, Timothy Small, Annette Bening

Mystic River (2003)
R Crime Drama Mystery Suspense
Death of Spouse Abuse, Psychological Death, Sudden Death of Parent Death of Child Abuse, Sex Abuse,Child Developmental Delays Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Marital Separation Abuse, Emotional

In the summer of 1975 in a blue collar boston neighborhood, Dave, Jimmy and Sean are playing on the sidewalk when Dave gets pulled into a car and driv...

Director : Clint Eastwood
Cast : Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne, Laura Linney, Marcia Gay Harden

Swing Shift (1984)
PG Comedy Drama Romance War Senior Interest
Marital Separation Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Little People/People of Small Stature Enabling

In 1941 Santa Monica, California newlyweds Kay and Jack are happy in their nest of enabled co-dependence until he enlists after Pearl Harbor. Against...

Director : Jonathan Demme
Cast : Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Christine Lahti, Fred Ward, Holly Hunter

He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not (2002)
PG-13 Crime Mystery Romance Suspense Thriller
Mental Health Facilities Depression, Clinical Suicidal Insanity Delusional Paranoia Erotomania Miscarriage Heart Failure Marital Separation Adultery

Angelique, a young student, is in love with a married doctor Loic. Viewers observe her attempts to meet him, gain his attention, leave his wife, and m...

Director : Laetitia Colombani
Cast : Audrey Tautou, Samuel Le Bihan, Isabelle Carré, Sophie Guillemin

Welcome to the Rileys (2010)
R Drama
Agoraphobia Sexual Dissatisfaction Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Marital Separation

Married nearly thirty years, Doug and Lois Riley rarely talk. She's agoraphobic and doesn't leave their Indianapolis home. She's also already ordered ...

Director : Jake Scott
Cast : James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo, Joe Chrest

Woman of the Year (1942)
N/A Comedy Drama Romance
Marital Separation Adoption Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Tess Harding is a worldly, multi-lingual woman who was raised by a widowed father. She's now settled in Manhattan as a distinguished columnist with a ...

Director : George Stevens
Cast : Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Fay Bainter, Reginald Owen

Days of Wine and Roses (1962)
NR Drama Romance Inspirational
Mental Health Facilities Dependent Personality Disorder Rehabilitation Facility Enabling Detoxification Alcoholic, Recovering Single Parenting Denial Prostitution Alcoholism Marital Separation Adultery Alcoholics Anonymous Co-Dependent Personality Disorder

In 1962 San Francisco, Joe is a rising public relations man obligated to procure anything a client wants, whether it's an article in a prominent magaz...

Director : Blake Edwards
Cast : Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick, Charles Bickford, Jack Klugman

Control (2007)
R Drama Biography Music
Marital Separation Epilepsy Adultery

Ian Curtis is a quiet man who works for an employment agency by day and sings in a band called Warsaw. Ian has epilepsy but is unable to get the right...

Director : Anton Corbijn
Cast : Sam Riley, Samantha Morton, Alexandra Maria Lara, Joe Anderson

Amy (1981)
G Drama Family
Marital Separation Lipreading/Speechreading Death of Child Blindness Deafness American Sign Language

In late 1880's Boston, Amy, a woman married to a lawyer, runs away from her unsatisfying marriage, and the painful memories of their dead son, to work...

Director : Vincent McEveety
Cast : Jenny Agutter, Barry Newman, Kathleen Nolan, Chris Robinson

Love Actually (2003)
R Comedy Drama Family Romance
Marital Separation Enabling Depression Death of Parent Schizophrenia Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Caregiving

Against the backdrop of aged has-been rock star Billy Mack's Christmas themed comeback cover of "Love Is All Around," nine stories intertwine that exp...

Director : Richard Curtis
Cast : Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Rowan Atkinson, Alan Rickman, Billy Bob Thornton,Gregor Fisher, Rory MacGregor, Colin Firth

Network (1976)
R Drama Romance Dark Comedy
Alcoholism Marital Separation Divorce Narcissistic Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Depression, Situational Suicide

It's the 1970s, terrorist violence is on every networks' nightly news programming. Meanwhile, the corporate structure of the UBS Television Network is...

Director : Sidney Lumet
Cast : Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch, Robert Duvall

The Station Agent (2003)
R Comedy Drama
Marital Separation Antisocial Personality Disorder People of Small Stature/Little People Death of Child Unexpected Pregnancy

When his only friend and co-worker dies, a young man of small stature moves to an abandoned train depot in rural New Jersey. Though he tries to mainta...

Director : Thomas McCarthy
Cast : Peter Dinklage, Patricia Clarkson, Bobby Cannavale, Paul Benjamin, Jase Blankfort, Paula Garcés

Interiors (1978)
PG Drama
Depression, Clinical Rape Marital Separation Adultery Suicidal

When dominating mother and interior designer Eve, and her attorney husband, Arthur, split after decades of marriage, it comes as a shock to their adul...

Director : Woody Allen
Cast : Diane Keaton, E. G. Marshall, Geraldine Page, Kristin Griffith, Sam Waterson, Mary Beth Hurt, Maureen Stapleton, Richard Jordan, Diane Keaton

No Down Payment (1957)
G Drama
Alcoholism Marital Separation Adultery Depression Unexpected Pregnancy

The marital difficulties of four very different couples living in a newly built, post WW II southern California housing development become intertwined...

Director : Martin Ritt
Cast : Joanne Woodward, Sheree North, Tony Randall, Jeffrey Hunter, Barbara Rush, Pat Hingle, Cameron Mitchell, Patricia Owens

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (2012)
PG-13 Family Romance Holiday Dark Comedy
Abuse, Psychological Rehabilitation Facility Recovering Substance Abuser Enabling Caregiving Single Parenting Marital Separation Abuse, Emotional Cancer Adultery Abuse, Physical Unexpected Pregnancy Chronic Heart Condition Stress Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Scapegoat Identity Depression, Situational

In and around Queens, New York, the adult siblings of the extended Fitzgerald family, all hiding their own issues from themselves and each other, are ...

Director : Edward Burns
Cast : Kerry Bishé, Connie Britton, Anita Gilette, Edward Burns, Ed Lauter, Heather Burns