Curated Movies Categorized By Disability, Disorder, Disease And Other Human Challenges

Repulsion (1965)
UNRATED Drama Horror Thriller Psychological
Incest Repression Delusional Androphobia Rape Psychopathy Catatonia Abuse,Child

Carole, a manicurist sharing a flat in 1965 London with her sister suffers from androphobia, a pathological fear of interaction with men. When her sis...

Director : Roman Polanski
Cast : Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser, Yvonne Furneaux

Nothing Bad Can Happen (2013)
Drama Thriller Psychological
Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Verbal Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Abuse, Physical Psychosis Narcissistic Personality Disorder Epilepsy Seizures/Convulsions

In Hamburg, Germany, Tore is the newest teenager to be a member of the "Jesus Freaks," a group attempting to correct what other denominations have got...

Director : Katrin Gebbe
Cast : Julius Feldmeier, Sascha Alexander Gersak, Annika Kuhl, Swantje Kohlhof

Doubt (2008)
PG-13 Drama Mystery Suspense Psychological Based on a Play
Abuse, Psychological Sexual Harassment, Male Repression Sociopathy Scapegoat Identity Glaucoma Single Parenting Abuse, Sex Abuse,Child Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB) Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Verbal Vision Abuse, Physical

It's 1964 at St. Nicholas Church School in the Bronx, New York. Father Flynn, the new and popular priest is trying to bend the school's strict customs...

Director : John Patrick Shanley
Cast : Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Viola Davis

Notorious (1946)
NR Drama Mystery Romance Film-Noir Psychological
Gaslighting Alcoholism Narcissistic Personality Disorder Denial Learned Helplessness

Following the conviction of her German father for treason against the U.S., Alicia escapes her complex feelings about her love of the United States, h...

Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Cast : Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Louis Calhern

Compulsion (2013)
R Drama Thriller Psychological
Dissociative Identity Disorder Eating Disorders Abuse, Sex Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Bulimia Nervosa Attachment Disorder

Two women with dark pasts, who suffer from various degrees of obsessive disorders, live across from each other in skewed worlds of their own making. T...

Director : Egidio Coccimiglio
Cast : Heather Graham, Carrie-Anne Moss, Kevin Dillon, Joe Mantegna

Requiem (2006)
Drama Foreign Psychological
Seizures/Convulsions Delusional Epilepsy

In the 1970's German countryside, Michaela, is a new student majoring in Teaching at a university against the will of her rigid mother, Marianne. Her ...

Director : Hans-Christian Schmid
Cast : Sandra Hüller, Burghart Klaußner, Imogen Kogge, Anna Blomeier

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)
R Drama Thriller Psychological
Rape Narcissistic Personality Disorder Asocial Behavior Abuse, Sex

Martha has run away from an abusive cult where she has been living as Marcy May for two years. She turns to her sister and brother-in-law, who take he...

Director : Sean Durkin
Cast : Elizabeth Olsen, Christopher Abbott, Brady Corbet, Hugh Dancy

Monsieur Hire (1989)
PG-13 Crime Drama Thriller Film-Noir Erotica Psychological
Prostitution Erotomania Antisocial Personality Disorder Voyeurism

In France, their lives a reclusive tailor named, Mr. Hire, an antisocial middle-age man. When his neighbor, Pierrette is found murdered, Mr. Hire beco...

Director : Patrice Leconte
Cast : Michel Blanc, Sandrine Bonnaire, Luc Thuillier, André Wilms

Nightmare Alley (1947)
NR Drama Film-Noir Psychological
Alcoholism People of Small Stature/Little People Blindness Weight Challenged Disfigurement Siamese Twins

Ambitious Stan works in a sideshow as carnival barker and assistant to the mentalist Zeena, married to the alcoholic Pete. Zeena and Pete developed a ...

Director : Edmund Goulding
Cast : Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell, Coleen Gray, Helen Walker, Taylor Holmes, MIke Mazurki

Suspicion (1941)
NOT RATED Mystery Thriller Film-Noir Psychological
Gaslighting Insecurity Enabling Denial Addiction, Gambling Learned Helplessness Co-Dependent Personality Disorder

Charming Johnnie Aysgarth woos wealthy but shy Lina McLaidlaw, who runs away with him despite the warnings of her disapproving father. After their mar...

Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Cast : Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, Cedric Hardwicke, Nigel Bruce

Single White Female (1992)
R Drama Thriller Film-Noir Psychological
Asthma Dissociative Identity Disorder Antisocial Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Having recently broken her engagement from fiancé Sam Rawson, Allison Jones advertises for a roommate to share the rent. When Hedra Carlson arrives, i...

Director : Barbet Schroeder
Cast : Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Steven Weber, Peter Friedman

No Way Out (1950)
NR Action Crime Drama Film-Noir Psychological
Mobility Alcohol Abuse Brain Tumor Abuse, Verbal Deafness Abuse, Physical Mute

After John and Ray Biddle are shot while robbing a gas station, they're taken to the prison ward of the County Hospital. Ray, a rabid racist, wants no...

Director : Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Cast : Sidney Poitier, Richard Widmark, Linda Darnell, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Stephen McNally, Harry Bellaver, Amanda Randolph

Fatal Attraction (1987)
R Drama Thriller Film-Noir Psychological
Unexpected Pregnancy Histrionic Personality Disorder Adultery Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Happily married Dan Gallagher has it all. A good rep at his Manhattan law firm, a beautiful wife named Beth, and a daughter he adores. Then he attends...

Director : Adrian Lyne
Cast : Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Anne Archer, Ellen Hamilton Latzen

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013)
NOT RATED Drama Erotica Psychological
Stress Dissociative Identity Disorder Addiction, Sex Abuse,Child

Joe, a self-diagnosed sex addict, is discovered badly beaten in an alley by an older bachelor, Seligman, who takes her into his home. As he tends to h...

Director : Lars von Trier
Cast : Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman, Christian Slater, Willem Dafoe, Mia Goth

Black Swan (2010)
R Drama Mystery Thriller Psychological Dance
Weight Challenged Single Parenting Eating Disorders Body Image Self-Mutilation Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Nina is a ballerina in a New York City ballet company. She lives with her controlling mother, Erica, a former ballerina. The artistic director Thomas ...

Director : Darren Aronofsky
Cast : Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Barbara Hershey

The Village (2004)
PG-13 Drama Mystery Thriller Psychological
Developmental Delays Anxiety Blindness Learning Disabilities

In a quiet, isolated village in 1800's Pennsylvania, there is a pact between the people of the village and the creatures who reside in the surrounding...

Director : M. Night Shyamalan
Cast : Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, William Hurt

Apocalypse Now (1979)
R Action Drama War Military Psychological Historical Fiction
Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Verbal Insanity Catatonia Abuse, Physical

It is the peak of the Vietnam war, U.S. Army Captain Willard is sent by Colonel Lucas and a General to carry out a mission: find the insane Green Bere...

Director : Francis Ford Coppola
Cast : Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, Frederic Forrest

Saboteur (1942)
PG Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Psychological
Siamese Twins People of Small Stature/Little People Blindness Weight Challenged

As WWII rages, Los Angeles aircraft worker Barry Kane sees his best friend die in factory fire and escapes false arrest. Having earlier identified the...

Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Cast : Priscilla Lane, Robert Cummings, Otto Kruger, Alan Baxter, Norman Lloyd, Clem Bevans, Alma Kruger, Dorothy Peterson

Mulholland Drive (2001)
R Avant-Garde Drama Mystery Thriller Film-Noir Dark Comedy Erotica Psychological
Dissociative Identity Disorder Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Emotional Retrograde Amnesia

A bright-eyed hopeful young actress arrives in Hollywood ready to be the next star. Instead, she's ensnared in a complex conspiracy involving a woman ...

Director : David Lynch
Cast : Naomi Watts, Jeanne Bates, Dan Birnbaum, Laura Harring

Precious (2009)
R Drama Fantasy Music Based on True Events Inspirational Psychological
Abuse, Psychological Eating Disorders Domestic Violence Sexual Confusion Single Parenting Developmental Delays Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Dissociative Identity Disorder Incest Abuse, Verbal Weight Challenged Down’s Syndrome Diabetes Denial Body Image Abuse,Child HIV infected

In Harlem, 1987, sixteen-year-old Precious, an illiterate, obese black teen is pregnant with her second child; both children fathered by her biologica...

Director : Lee Daniels
Cast : Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz

Fool for Love (1985)
R Drama Western Psychological
Incest Blended Families Adultery Delusional Death of Parent Depression, Situational Suicide Single Parenting Denial Alcoholism Divorce

May is living, working, and hiding in a rundown motel in the Southwest. One day a truck pulls up and out steps Eddie, an old boyfriend from childhood....

Director : Robert Altman
Cast : Sam Shepard, Kim Basinger, Harry Dean Stanton, Randy Quaid

Psycho (1960)
R Horror Mystery Thriller Psychological
Dissociative Identity Disorder Adultery Denial Death of Parent Asocial Behavior

Phoenix secretary Marion Crane is frustrated with the life that will soon pass her by. She has to meet her lover Sam during lunch breaks. And worse, h...

Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Cast : Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin, Martin Balsam

The Grifters (1990)
R Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Film-Noir Psychological
Abuse, Psychological Delusional Narcissistic Personality Disorder Single Parenting Psychopathy Asocial Behavior Addiction, Gambling Abuse,Child Prostitution Abuse, Emotional Incest Kidney Condition Insanity Unexpected Pregnancy Kleptomania/Shoplifting

In Los Angeles, Roy, a twenty-four-year old grifter independent since he was sixteen and posing as a salesman, receives a smashed kidney by an angry b...

Director : Stephen Frears
Cast : Anjelica Huston, John Cusack, Annette Bening, J.T. Walsh, Pat Hingle, Sandy Baron,

Sue (1997)
Drama Psychological
Abuse, Sex Sexual Dysfunction Addiction, Sex

Sue is a New Yorker adrift in her life. She's unemployable, even though she has a degree in psychology. She's so behind on her rent, she has to take i...

Director : Amos Kollek
Cast : Anna Levine, Matthew Powers, Austin Pendleton,Tahnee Welch, Tracee Ellis Ross

The Night of the Iguana (1964)
PG Drama Erotica Psychological Based on a Play
Alcoholism Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Addiction, Sex Promiscuity Enabling

Defrocked Reverand T. Lawrence Shannon began in Mexico in 1962 years as a tourist guide for a shady travel agency. Now he's accompanying a group of w...

Director : John Huston
Cast : Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Sue Lyon

Sweet Bird of Youth (1962)
APPROVED Drama Psychological Based on a Play
Prostitution Alcoholism Virginity, Female

Chance Wayne returns to his hometown a gigolo, years after being sent on his way by the concerned father of his former girlfriend, Heavenly. He arrive...

Director : Richard Brooks
Cast : Paul Newman, Geraldine Page, Shirley Knight, Ed Begley

The Wrong Man (1956)
APPROVED Crime Drama Film-Noir Psychological
Nervous Breakdown/Collapse Depression, Situational

Musician Manny Balestrero needs money to pay for a dental procedure for his wife, Rose. When he tries to borrow money from their insurance policy, som...

Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Cast : Henry Fonda, Vera Miles, Anthony Quayle, Harold J. Stone

Face to Face (1976)
R Drama Fantasy Foreign Psychological
Depression, Clinical Nervous Breakdown/Collapse

An exploration of the irony of a psychiatrist who suffers from mental illness. Dr. Jenny Isaksson is a psychiatrist married to another psychiatrist; b...

Director : Ingmar Bergman
Cast : Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, Aino Taube, Gunnar Björnstrand

Rebecca (1940)
NOT RATED Mystery Thriller Film-Noir Psychological
Gaslighting Insecurity Head Injury Adultery Denial Unexpected Pregnancy

An attractive, but shy woman, staying in Monte Carlo with her demanding employer, meets the wealthy Max de Winter. She and Max fall in love, marry and...

Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Cast : Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Judith Anderson

Gaslight (1944)
PASSED Crime Drama Mystery Film-Noir Psychological
Gaslighting Insecurity Antisocial Personality Disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder Insanity

After the death of her famous opera-singing aunt, Paula is sent to study in Italy to become a great opera singer. While there, she falls in love with ...

Director : George Cukor
Cast : Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten, Dame May Whitty

Lolita (1962)
NOT RATED Drama Romance Satire Psychological
Antisocial Personality Disorder Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Emotional Death of Parent Abuse, Sex Abuse,Child

Humbert Humbert, a divorced British professor of literature, travels all the way to a small-town in the United States for a teaching position. Once th...

Director : Stanley Kubrick
Cast : James Mason, Shelley Winters, Sue Lyon, Peter Sellers, Gary Cockrell

Sybil (1976)
Drama Biography Based on True Events Psychological
Abuse, Psychological Repression Enabling Delusional Genophobia/Coitophobia Single Parenting Psychogenic/Dissociative Amnesia Abuse, Sex Self-Esteem Dissociative Identity Disorder Abuse, Emotional Suicidal Abuse, Physical Schizophrenia Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Self-Inflicted Wounds Denial Abuse,Child Depression, Clinical

Sybil, a introverted twenty-nine year old student living alone in New York City has blackouts and nightmares about her childhood. After wounding herse...

Director : N/A
Cast : Joanne Woodward, Sally Field, Brad Davis, Martine Bartlett

The Snake Pit (1948)
APPROVED Drama Psychological
Mental Health Facilities Schizophrenia Psychogenic/Dissociative Amnesia Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Delusional

In the 1940's Virginia awakens to find herself in a mental hospital with no memory of her arrival. Tormented by delusions and unable to even recognize...

Director : Anatole Litvak
Cast : Olivia de Havilland, Mark Stevens, Leo Genn, Celeste Holm, Betsy Blair

The Haunting (1963)
APPROVED Drama Horror Psychological
Social Anxiety Disorder Anxiety Sexual Confusion Delusional Panic Attacks

Dr. Markway is doing research to prove there are ghosts in Hill House, a large, mansion with a history of death and insanity. With him are the skeptic...

Director : Robert Wise
Cast : Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson, Russ Tamblyn

Buddy Boy (1999)
R Drama Thriller Psychological
Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Emotional Voyeurism Convulsions/Seizures Epilepsy Caregiving Single Parenting Abuse,Child

Francis is a shy, withdrawn man who has epilepsy. His life has been spent sharing a tenement giving care to his abusive, domineering stepmother, an in...

Director : Mark Hanlon
Cast : Aidan Gillen, Emmanuelle Seigner, Susan Tyrrell, Mark Boone Junior

Medeas (2013)
Drama Psychological
American Sign Language Lipreading/Speechreading Deaf Speech Deafness

Medeas is a lyrical exploration of alienation and desperation through the eyes of a mother who is deaf and raising five children. Everything is seen t...

Director : Andrea Pallaoro
Cast : Catalina Sandino Moreno, Brían F. O'Byrne, Mary Mouser, Ian Nelson

I Know Who Killed Me (2007)
R Crime Horror Mystery Thriller Psychological
Seizures/Convulsions Asthma Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Epilepsy Amputation

New Salem, a quiet suburb, is being terrorized by a serial killer who abducts women, holding them captive for weeks and then murdering them. Aubrey, a...

Director : Chris Sivertson
Cast : Bonnie Aarons, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Adler, Julia Ormond

Dressed to Kill (1980)
X Mystery Thriller Film-Noir Erotica Psychological
Prostitution Dissociative Identity Disorder Sexual Reassignment Surgery Adultery Death of Parent Sexual Dissatisfaction Sexual Confusion Denial

In 1980 Kate, an unhappily married woman from the suburbs, makes a day trip to Manhattan. Liz, a call girl (who invests her earnings in stock) enters ...

Director : Brian De Palma
Cast : Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen, Keith Gordon

North by Northwest (1959)
APPROVED Action Adventure Mystery Romance Suspense Thriller Roadtrip Psychological
Abuse, Psychological Enabling Commitment Phobia Co-Dependent Personality Disorder Scapegoat Identity Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abuse, Sex Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB) Gaslighting Insecurity Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Physical

In 1959 Manhattan, at the height of the Cold War, a Madison Avenue advertising executive named Roger is mistaken for another man and kidnapped. To esc...

Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Cast : Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Martin Landau, Jessie Royce Landis

Dirty Filthy Love (2004)
R Drama Romance Dark Comedy Psychological
GroupTherapy Depression, Clinical Tourette Syndrome Hair Pulling Disorder/Trichotillomania Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Once Mark had a career as an architect and marriage to his wife, Stevie. Then his life eroded into disarray. Mark now finds he is incapable of doing t...

Director : Adrian Shergold
Cast : Michael Sheen, Adrian Bower, Claudie Blakley, Anastasia Griffith