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Call Me Anna

Call Me Anna

Call Me Anna

NR Drama , Biography
Depression, Clinical Alcoholism Genetically Predisposed Bipolar Disorder Abuse,Child
Running time: 97 min
Awards: 1 nomination.

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Actress Patty Duke plays herself in this film based on her autobiography. Born to a poor family in Queens, New York, in the late 1950's she is taken from her depressed mother and alcoholic father to be managed by strangers in Manhattan who plan of making the young girl a star. Though she is abused by them, she does become an award winning actress early and swiftly. Once she escapes their claws she enjoys affairs and marriage. But soon her health, her career, and her life are out of control and she is humiliating herself on live television. After a particularly bad episode, she seeks help and finally realizes she is bipolar.

Director : Gilbert Cates
Cast : Patty Duke, Timothy Carhart, Howard Hesseman, Deborah May
Writer : Patty Duke (book), Kenneth Turan (book), John McGreevey (teleplay)
Language : English


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