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Courage Under Fire

Courage Under Fire

Courage Under Fire

R Action , Crime , Drama , Mystery , War
Amputation Alcoholism Addiction, Substance Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Awards: 10 wins & 4 nominations.

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Captain Karen Walden, who died shortly before her helicopter crew was rescued when it crashed in Desert Storm, is expected to be the first woman to receive, posthumously, a Medal of Honor. First, it seems she courageously held her crew together to fight off the Iraqis after they crashed. But upon closer scrutiny by Lt. Colonel Serling, a man struggling with his own PTSD and alcoholism from Desert Storm, there are conflicting reports from the severely injured, mentally and physically, soldiers with that survived. Under pressure to quickly process the reports rather than research them, Serling chooses to continue his research, no matter what the consequences, in order to live with himself.

Director : Edward Zwick
Cast : Denzel Washington, Meg Ryan, Matt Damon, Lou Diamond Phillips, Scott Glenn, Michael Moriarty, Bronson Pinchot
Writer : Patrick Sheane Duncan
Language : English



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