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Danny Collins

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In Los Angeles, Danny, a seventy-year-old rock star legend who is still singing songs he hates, abusing drugs and alcohol, and living with women decades younger than he cannot understand why he suffers from chronic depression. When his manager discovers a forty-year old undelivered letter to him from John Lennon, he takes its message to heart. Danny flies to New Jersey and stays in a hotel hoping to meet the son he never new and trying to write original music while flirting with his new muse, the newly divorced hotel manager. As it turns out, his only grandchild has severe ADHD, which he can help with financially. But what about the other challenges his son's family faces. Can he help with those?

Director : Dan Fogelman
Cast : Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale, Christopher Plummer
Writer : Dan Fogelman (screenplay)
Language : English



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