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Days of Wine and Roses

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In 1962 San Francisco, Joe is a rising public relations man obligated to procure anything a client wants, whether it's an article in a prominent magazine or a prostitute. This entails entertaining with alcohol, which he already consumes to excess. When Joe meets Kirsten, who is "addicted to chocolate and doesn't like the taste of liquor," he insists she try a Brandy Alexander (a cocktail that tastes like chocolate). Soon they're partners in marriage and drinking. By the time they have a baby, Joe cannot hold a job and they must live alcohol-free with Kristen's father, who blames Joe for her dependence. Their attempts at united sobriety continually fail due to their habitual enabling. Which one of them will finally be able to distinguish their love from their alcoholic co-dependence?

Director : Blake Edwards
Cast : Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick, Charles Bickford, Jack Klugman
Writer : J.P. Miller
Language : English



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