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Fly Away

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Two weeks in the life of Jeanne, a divorced, single mother growing increasingly overwhelmed with raising her sixteen-year-old daughter. Mandy is autistic and has started a cycle of panic attacks that awaken Jeanne nightly. During the day, Mandy's anxiety manifest as physical attacks on whatever is near. The principal has advised Jeanne that the district won't tolerate violence. She urges her to put Mandy in a residential facility. Jeanne is co-dependent and doesn't want to acknowledge Mandy is the scapegoat that enables her remain in denial about her lack of a life. Though covered in bruises from her repeated attempts at calming Mandy, Jeanne still believes she knows best. Only when she loses her job and Mandy is expelled, do they visit the facility where Mandy will move. Though Jeanne is frightened over the loss of daily contact, she recognizes Mandy is ready for change.

Director : Janet Grillo
Cast : Beth Broderick, Ashley Rickards, J. R. Bourne, Greg Germann, Denise Dowse
Writer : Janet Grillo
Language : English



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