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In 1995, in a roadside Hudson River Valley diner called "Pete & Dolly's," Victor, the son of Dolly and the now deceased Pete, is his mother's caregiver at home and the diner's cook at work. Victor is extremely shy, self-conscious, sensitive young man who engages in emotional eating. He has no explored independence and has experienced nothing beyond the confines of home and work with his controlling, dependent mother, whose conflicting denial and resentment over her husband's affair with the diner's long suffering waitress, Delores, has only grown with time. When a college drop out named Callie joins the diner's motley crew, Victor slowly begins to understand the reality of everyone's dependence on him.

Director : James Mangold
Cast : Pruitt Taylor Vince, Shelley Winters, Liv Tyler, Deborah Harry, Joe Grifasi, Evan Dando
Writer : James Mangold
Language : English


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