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Laurel Canyon

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Newly graduated Psychiatrist, Sam and his fiancee, Alex leave the confines of a rigid Harvard life for Sam's residency in Los Angeles. Sam has avoided home, so Alex has never met his mother, legendary record producer, Jane. Alex is stunned, yet intrigued to see that Jane's affluently bohemian home -- and recording studio -- is where they will stay. It's a hedonistic subculture littered with musicians, pot, booze, and take-out containers. Bi-sexual Jane's current boyfriend is the band's lead, sixteen years Jane's junior. To Alex, only a slightly older guy than Sam. When Sam leaves for work at the hospital, Alex doesn't admit to Sam that she won't need their car to look for an apartment because she wants to stay put and enjoy the show. So, Sam accepts rides to and from work from his beautiful Israeli colleague, Sara. For Sam, the wounded, fatherless product of careless free love, who's still seething with rage over his neglectful youth, and Jane, the successful, insensitive mother whose bravado no longer replaces her guilt, it will take the pivotal events of this visit for each to realize how their embittered connection has affected every failed relationship they've attempted.

Director : Lisa Cholodenko
Cast : Frances McDormand, Christian Bale, Kate Beckinsale, Alessandro Nivola, Natascha McElhone
Writer : Lisa Cholodenko
Language : English



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