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Like Sunday, Like Rain

Like Sunday, Like Rain

Like Sunday, Like Rain

R Drama , Music , Coming of Age
Alcoholism Abuse, Emotional Depression, Chronic Denial Death of Parent Narcissistic Personality Disorder Gifted and Talented
Running time: 102
Awards: N/A

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In Manhattan twenty-three-year-old Eleanor is working as a waitress and living with her dishonest boyfriend, an aspiring musician. After she leaves him, she goes to work and is fired. Then Eleanor calls her mother but is not invited home. With no place to stay, she spends the night with a friend who tells her of a temp job agency for live-in nannies. She gets the job and meets twelve-year-old Reggie, a lonely genius and musical prodigy living in a mansion. His father died when he was four and his mother is cold, preoccupied, and emotionally absent. During her stay Eleanor's father dies and Reggie accompanies her to her unkempt family home upstate to visit him. He sees she, too, has no father and a cold, distant mother. The boy and nanny bond when Eleanor reveals she had won a Julliard scholarship to play the cornet, but couldn't afford to attend.

Director : Frank Whaley
Cast : Leighton Meester, Julian Shatkin, Debra Messing, Billie Joe Armstrong
Writer : Frank Whaley
Language : English


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