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One Special Night

One Special Night

One Special Night

PG Drama , Romance , Senior Interest
Death of Spouse Assisted Living/Managed Care Facility Alzheimer’s Disease
Running time: 92 min
Awards: 1 nomination.

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Robert, a general contractor, regularly visits his wife who has Alzheimer's disease in an assisted living home. One night he has problems with his car and can't get a taxi home because of a blizzard. Catherine, a doctor, is there visiting the room of her now dead husband. She offers him a ride. However, her car gets snowbound and they have to search for a place to stay. They find an an empty cabin and use it. As they talk, they bond. Robert's wife is still alive so they set a date in the future to meet in order to see if they should pursue things.

Director : Roger Young
Cast : James Garner, Julie Andrews, Patricia Charbonneau, Stacy Grant
Writer : Jan Hartman (play), Nancey Silvers (teleplay)
Language : English


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