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Regarding Henry

Regarding Henry

Regarding Henry

PG-13 Comedy , Drama , Romance
Mobility Head Injury Anxiety Retrograde Amnesia Adultery Diabetes
Running time: 108 min
Awards: 1 win & 2 nominations.

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Henry is an affluent Manhattan lawyer who survives a neighborhood shooting only to find that once he recovers not only can he not recall memories, but he must relearn speaking and walking. As his memories return, he and his wife must face the marriage that was enough for them before the accident versus the marriage they will need now to survive his rehabilitation. Henry regains memories of things he regrets and also learns who his real friends are in the aftermath. He also returns to work and realizes he cannot practice law in the sneaky way he once did by habit. Everything he experiences is literal now so there is no grey area: just right and wrong.

Director : Mike Nichols
Cast : Harrison Ford, Annette Bening, Michael Haley, Stanley Swerdlow
Writer : J.J. Abrams
Language : English



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