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In 2011 Boston, Mass, The Boston Globe hires a new editor who is Jewish. As an unbiased outsider with no previous loyalties, he assigns "Spotlight," the Globe's team of investigative journalists, to research the decades long cover-up of child molestation by priests in the local Catholic Archdiocese. To do this the team must find and interview not just the (now) adults who were abused, but the lawyers, clergy and colleagues involved; all of whom have been living above the law for years, enabling the abuse to continue without the public's knowledge or interference.

Director : Thomas McCarthy
Cast : Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci, Michael Keaton, Liev Schriever, John Slattery, Brian d'Arcy James, Jamey SheridanBilly Crudup,
Writer : Thomas McCarthy (screenplay), Josh Singer (screenplay)
Language : N/A



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