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The Skeleton Twins

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When their father's suicide is compounded by another frightening event, fraternal teenage twins Maggie and Milo cannot go to their widowed mother; she's already remarried and left without a glance back at them. Steeped in PTSD, the issue festers until it disintegrates their close bond into ten years of estrangement. When another crisis forces them to reunite, it includes an extended stay for Milo in Nyack, New York -- their hometown and where Maggie has chosen to live with her new husband. The quirky humor and closeness the siblings had returns, and in the process of letting their guard down and reconnecting, they realize they still share the same problem -- no matter how differently it manifests in each of them.

Director : Craig Johnson
Cast : Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell
Writer : Craig Johnson, Mark Heyman
Language : English



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